The Making of “Kale Dreams”

Register 7, the darling of Whole Foods Market on Market Street, isn’t like other cash registers. It has character and heart, the plucky check-out stand that could. Its social media presence continues to surge, with 50 followers on Twitter. Now, determined to take the world by storm, Register 7 has started its very own kale-rock band, Register 7 and the Whole Foods Groove, comprised of lyricist Sara Brody and guitarist Spenser Steinman. We at Register 7′s official blog have had the privilege of speaking to Brody about the soon-to-be-released debut album, Kale Dreams. She is the publicist for the group, an enormous fan and ardent promoter of Register 7.

R7: Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about the Register 7 Project. How did it come about?

SB: Well, it’s hard to say definitively. I started working at Whole Foods back in May, and Register 7 charmed me from the start. It’s not the most beautiful cash register in the world–the lights don’t always work, for instance–but what other register has so much sensitivity and spunk? The thing is, a lot of customers are so busy that they don’t always notice these qualities in Register 7, which is why we started the Twitter. We wanted the world to know. The band just sort of emerged from that. Register 7 made us want to make art.

R7: And that’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Your first single, “The Aisle of Disdain,” came out last Thursday, and was met with great critical acclaim. It is, in your words, a song of love and loss at Whole Foods. What drew you to such subject matter?

SB: I see it every day. Whole Foods is a romantic place, an emotional place, and I wanted to capture that–the sense of longing, whether for human connection or kale. We’ve got another song in that vein, “The Kombucha Blues,” but we took a more political route with “Kale Dreams,” the title song, which is about kale in the time of Donald Trump. The Register 7 Project is expansive. We’re working with a cash register that has genuine depth, and that keeps us on our toes. Spenser is the real wizard here. He and I have been Whole Foods best friends for a long time now, and he’s a great collaborator. I feel so lucky to know him, and even luckier to know Register 7.

R7: Well, it was a joy to talk to you today, and we’re very much looking forward to hearing the rest of Kale Dreams upon its release. Until then, we’ll keep rocking out to “The Aisle of Disdain”!